Sandi James


Psychologist; Recovery Coach, Eating Disorder Credentialed


Sandi James is a registered Psychologist and Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach with more than 15 years working in mental health, eating disorder, and addiction treatment. She is a lived experience clinician and dedicates her career to working with clients that feel let down by current systems of care and treatment approaches. Her primary focus includes mental health and trauma recovery, with a particular focus on co-occurring presentations including dissociative disorders, substance use or food and compulsive exercise related difficulties.

Sandi has extensive experience working with individuals and families to heal and recover from trauma, addictions, eating disorders, and mental health conditions. She is dedicated to working with clients and families from an inclusive and person centred approach to improve quality of life from a harm reduction perspective. She is a passionate and committed clinician, working alongside and guiding clients in the recovery process. Sandi is building a practice integrating joyful movement and somatic healing approaches to treatment as well as working towards her PhD conducting qualitative research looking at experiences of eating disorder treatment: identifying, responding to, and addressing harm experienced throughout the treatment process

Treatment Approach

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
IFS - depending on the individual presentations and preferences
Surf Therapy



187 Panorama Dr Rosemount


self pay with sliding scale

Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy