Dissociative Disorders Therapist Directory

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International directory of therapists open to working with clients with trauma and dissociative disorders. Profiles were vetted and screened by Multiplied By One Org, a nonprofit for trauma, all dissociative disorders, and loved ones.


Dissociative Disorders Therapist Directory

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Dissociative Disorders Therapist Directory

Knowledge and Therapeutic Approach

Where there are few services, build them. When there is no hope, create it.

While a few directories exist where therapists are listed with dissociative disorders in their profiles, they are often not accurately informed of what these disorders are or how to treat them. For those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, the search for a therapist is difficult, while they often encounter a therapist who is damaging and even traumatic.

Therapists were asked for their understanding of what Dissociative Identity Disorder is. Screening questions included the approach with the host vs other alters, on or if Internal Family Systems (IFS) was used, and if so, in what way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from the standpoint of a client

Do any of the therapists use IFS?

While most therapists screened do not use Internal Family Systems (IFS), some use concepts of it within their approach. This will be indicated on their profiles for those to whom it is the case.

If using Telehealth, does the therapist need to be licensed in my state?

Yes. Even with Telehealth, a therapist requires licensure within the state or province of their client.

Does the screening process guarantee the therapist is a good fit?

While we can ensure that a therapist takes a conducive approach, the dynamic considers other factors that are tailored to your circumstances.

I need to contact Multiplied By One Org

Sure. We are glad to connect and to see how we can assist. Find the contact link in the navigation of the header or footer of every page.