Johannah Bailey

United Kingdom

RMTi Consultant, Complex Trauma Certification Training Level 1+2/Janina Fisher, Trauma Informed Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, EFT, Life Coach


Trauma isn't so much the thing that happened to you, it's what didn't happen... The words you couldn't speak, the movements you couldn't make, the connections you didn't have...

Hi, I'm Johannah from Natural Holistics in Rugby, Warwickshire, UK. I'm a somatic therapist, specialising in complex trauma, dissociative disorders and chronic illness.

When we've experienced extreme trauma it can be very difficult to connect with the body or with others. Connection means feelings and experiencing what has been stored in the body. Regular experiences of dissociation, derealisation, depersonalisation or switching between parts/alters make it very difficult to live a fulfilled life. Somatic therapies offer a safe space to reconnect with the body at a pace that's just right for you. They offer a safe space for all your parts/alters, all feelings as well as your story. They offer a space to explore regulation as well as dysregulation/dissociation and what works and helps to stay safe within this, inner communication between parts and their experiences and rewiring your brain through somatic practices to rewrite your story. They offer a space to experience a boundaried and respectful relationship between you and the therapist bringing trust and healing to attachment wounds.

Treatment Approach

As a somatic therapist I work with a bottom-up approach that is centred around you and all your parts/alters. It is important to me to empower you and give you back the choice that was impossible at the time of trauma. I have a huge toolbox of somatic therapies like yoga, RMTi (Rhtythmic Movement Training international), reflexology, reiki, EFT, life coach, art and parts work, which is a blend of IFS, TIST and inner child/shadow work. I do work differently with each client as I believe that there is no one right way of working through complex trauma.



Rugby, Warwickshire, UK


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Somatic Therapy



United Kingdom