Aurora Luna Walss




Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist, Level Four- Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapist, EMDR therapist, IFS therapist.

Hello, I’m excited and curious to be part of this community. As a Mexican bilingual practitioner I'm willing to offer my services abroad and get to know people from all around the world who are struggling to find a certified, well trained provider who understands and treats complex trauma and dissociative symptoms, that express as anxiety, depression, lack of capacity to build nurturing relationships and that might have been there forever, becoming a part of the identity of a person although are not felt good. I help people to build resilient resources for a better living besides finding themselves as “in construction” happy human beings.

My path as a trauma professional has been long, interesting, and extensive. As a starting point I graduated as an architect and have been doing art since I was a child, however at some point this career didn’t make sense in my life and while I was looking for answers, Trauma Informed Art Therapy found me and helped me to heal my wounds so incredibly, that I decided to share this amazing success and switched my professional orientation to psychotherapy. Arts are and will ever be an important part of my life, so when consultants are curious about it, I’m glad to share my expertise on this area with great joy and excitement.

I began my academic career as a psychotherapist in my country, however when it comes to trauma, I have been trained mostly in the USA, where I find the widest research in trauma treatment. My consultants are mostly women who have suffered sexual abuse, domestic violence and/or child emotional, physical, intellectual and also spiritual neglect. I´ve been working in presence and online for about ten years, however my practice goes primarily to the virtual environment, finding myself comfortable and capable enough to build wonderful and solid relationships.

Parts of the personality might be confusing and frustrating, treating dissociation may take a long time but it's a worthy work I love to do. I´m passionate about continuous trauma training and besides therapy, I help other professionals to prevent vicarious trauma through case supervision and therapy.

I kindly encourage you to ask any questions or contact me. I´ll be delighted to hear from you and start a therapeutic relationship.

Treatment Approach

As a starting point I follow EMDR eight phases protocol, however according to the specific needs of every single consultant, during the process I work using IFS therapy and other modalities like Expressive Arts Therapies and Mindfulness, in order to facilitate working with parts of the personality and mostly develop a good therapeutic relationship.

I personally believe in the amazing resilience of every human being and the incredible healing potential every person has within his inner world. If you are looking for therapy, you are welcome to my office. Let\'s find together the best choices of treatment for you.


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Torreon, Mexico


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Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy