Leah Silverstein, LCSW

United States

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (New York #090395)


Hi, my name is Leah and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in supporting clients with trauma and dissociation. I've spent time working with people who live with dissociative experiences, regardless of where they fall on that spectrum; for some, this can mean having parts or alters, or navigating a diagnosis such as OSDD or DID. For others, it can feel confusing or difficult to define, and there can be periods of wondering if they are "faking it" or "making it up". Whether or not someone has a clear sense of their own dissociation, these concerns and the related experiences can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate at times. I am here to offer support and understanding that has come from - and continues to grow from - education and trainings that I've pursued, the wisdom of clients and teachers, and my own lived experience.

Treatment Approach

I use a variety of techniques when working with clients, depending on what their needs are and what they feel comfortable with. I frequently incorporate EMDR, Brainspotting, and ego state therapy (a way of welcoming and including all willing alters, parts, or members of a system into the therapy process) into my work with clients. My approach is very focused on consent; clients always have the right and are invited to request or refuse any intervention at any time. If this comes up, we can discuss the benefits and downsides of whatever intervention or approach is up for debate, and make a decision together on how best to proceed. I aim to be respectful of my clients' pacing, maintaining compassion while being honest about expected outcomes so that they can feel supported and make informed decisions regarding their care.

I am open to seeing if we're a good fit regardless of your trauma history. I have experience working with survivors of emotional and physical abuse/neglect, incest, familial sex trafficking, other forms of childhood sexual abuse/assault, religious abuse/trauma, parentification, and various forms of attachment injuries. I offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and my approach to determine if therapy with me would be a good fit. You are welcome to reach out whether or not you have experienced any of the above.


I do not accept insurance, but will provide superbills for out of network coverage. I also accept payment through HSA and FSA, as well as the Office of Victim Services.

Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy



Offers sliding scale fee

Either in-person or online

New York

Accepting new clients