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Thank you for clicking on my profile. I'm glad you made it here, to a listing that is specifically for DID, OSDD.

My name is Melissa and I am a human being. I don't forget that when we are in session together. Second, I am a survivor of complex PTSD and have a system as well. I will make my best efforts to never presume I know more about you and your system than you do.

Dr. Lynette Danylchuck, in her book Perspectives of Dissociative Identity Response: Ethical, Historical and Cultural Issues (2022) uses the term securefulness to describe the therapeutic approach that combines mindfulness with relational care. This resonates with me, as I deeply believe that the therapeutic relationship is crucial. I strive to ensure my clients feel seen, heard, and responded to in the safest way possible. Complex PTSD and dissociative adaptations are born from failures and fractures in important foundational relationships. Within the therapeutic relationship, clients can be seen, and heard. With the therapist's assistance, clients can learn to see and hear themselves and their systems.

I am respectful of my clients and do not set out to be a hero. Instead, I work with my clients side by side, helping my clients connect to their intuition, their essence. I believe long-term healing is important, but also provide my clients with necessary tools and practices to better function day to day. I've practiced 15 years and approach suicidality, self-injury, addiction, etc with a parts approach. I help my clients map and become more familiar with their parts/alters/headmates/selves.

To learn more about how I approach CPTSD, dissociative adaptations, plurality/multiplicity, I invite you to visit this link on my website:

Looking forward to hearing from yous.

Treatment Approach

Relational, ego-state therapy, EMDR, mindfulness based CBT, DBT, ACT



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Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy, Individual psychotherapy, Group therapy



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