Kristen Muché, MSW, LCSW

United States

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA #82170, NV #9946-C, OR # L14361, UT #13217414-3501)


Licensed to practice in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Nevada.

Hi there, my name is Kristen. I’m a trauma specialist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a passion for serving survivors of trauma and breaking the stigma of mental health. The primary survivors whom I have the honor of working with have complex trauma and structural dissociation, often with experiences of sexual violence, trafficking, criminal justice-involvement (e.g. incarceration, gang membership), homelessness, generational trauma, and service-based vicarious trauma (e.g. first responders, law enforcement, veterans). I also work with people who have extra-sensory/perceptual experiences (sometimes called psychosis, though culture plays a significant role in this). I am privileged to be part of this directory as someone who also specializes in working with those who have multiplicity/plurality (aka systems, alters, parts, DID, pDID, OSDD).

Treatment Approach

I use the model of Phase-Oriented Trauma Recovery, which honors wherever you are at in your healing process. I integrate various modalities depending on what each person brings into session. I typically combine elements of parts work, bilateral work, narrative trauma processing, and a number of other modalities, so as to practice a parts-informed, storytelling, nervous system regulation integrated approach. To learn more, you can go to the “Approach” section on my website (www.anystageofhealing).

I have practiced in a diverse range of settings, including community non-profits, outpatient clinics, street-based homeless services, jails, residential homes and facilities, police departments, courthouses, and hospitals. I also create trainings on various trauma-related topics, with the goal of creating more awareness and challenging the stigmas that so many survivors face. As a professor and clinical supervisor, I also share my passion for this work with clinicians and students who are earning their degrees in social work, counseling, psychology, and criminal justice.

​I am constantly in awe of my clients and feel so honored in being permitted into their lives and moving alongside them in their journeys. My goal is to partner with your system and work as a team. My mentality is that it takes healing relationships to heal relational trauma, something that understandably often holds a lot of fear and mistrust around. Due to the long-term traumas that most of my clients have experienced, I typically do long-term therapy, though this is not a requirement- it's whatever each person wants.

It's never too late to shift from just surviving to thriving, and I am here to move alongside you in your journey toward posttraumatic growth and resiliency. My style is based on a relational, empowerment-driven, collaborative approach. I'm here to help you find your inner strength, and all parts of you are welcome. I don't take the role I have for granted, and I recognize the degree of trust, safety, and vulnerability it takes to ask for help. You'll take that step when you're ready.



California, Nevada, Oregon, Nevada


None; I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance

Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy


$200 / hour, occasionally have sliding scale slots

Only online

California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah

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