Elizabeth Seabolt-Esparza, LPC




Welcome! I am a psychotherapist here in Houston, Texas. Before I went into mental health, I had been involved in threatre since the age of eight. Performing encouraged me to look at life through many different lenses and allowed me to really experience life walking in another person’s shoes. My undergraduate degree in Drama with a focus on creative writing gave me skills I would later use as a therapist, both in exploring the inner workings of the mind, but also how writing can be an important component of the therapeutic process. I received my master’s degree from University of Houston in counseling psychology. While there I was awarded a graduate tuition fellowship, which allowed me to work as a research assistant in the CORE Research team, where I researched coping and resiliency in the LGBTQ community. This experience, along with my unique ties to the LGBTQ community, was the sign I needed to know this would be the community I wanted to work with when I graduated. After a brief period of time as a research coordinator in the psychiatric department at Texas Children’s Hospital, I spent the next five years working at the Montrose Center where I worked primarily with the LGBTQ community. I have worked with survivors of trauma, people struggling with addiction, coming out issues, and people living with HIV. I have also had the opportunity to work with transgender clients as they explore their gender identity and have written letters for clients as needed to access gender-affirming services. I take a sex-positive approach and enjoy working with folks in polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships, as well as members of the kink community. My interest in working with dissociation is both personal and professional. After watching friends struggle to find providers who specialize in DID, I decided to focus on this area as one of my specialties. For the last four years I have been actively engaging in as much formal training as possible to make my work with my clients as evidence-based and affirming as possible. I meet clients where they are at and help them explore the best way to help them and their system live a life worth living and feel a better sense of personal agency.

Treatment Approach

I take a person-centered approach and meet the client where they are at. I am trained in EMDR, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, and Trauma-Informed Yoga, but use a variety of approaches tailored to the client's needs.


I do not take insurance

Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy


210 for 50-minute session

Houston, Texas