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Is your marriage or relationship suffering? Has your relationship been negatively affected by addiction to porn, sex, drugs, alcohol, gaming, spending, or eating disorders? Or affairs? Or traumatic experience, such as sexual abuse or emotional neglect, and the symptoms that linger – dissociation, depression, anxiety/panic, etc.? Does your partner or someone you love have a problem? Have your tried everything with no lasting results? I can help. In a supportive, confidential, non-judgmental environment, using effective research-based methods, I help couples heal their relationship and create a new, healthy, mutually satisfying, mutually respectful coupleship.

I specialize in helping couples navigate the relational challenges that arise, and are often magnified, when one partner has dissociative response.  Being a partner/supporter of a person with dissociative response can be extremely difficult.  I have discovered some ways to help the process of learning to be supportive and to take care of yourself when your loved one has dissociative response. Likewise, when we have dissociative response it makes relationships challenging because we do not all see the same relationship the same way, and sometimes internal conflict can lead to relational confusion and/or conflict.  I help you learn what works for you and your system and your partner and your relationship. You alone have to do the work and you don't do it alone!

Treatment Approach

An eclectic approach founded in attachment theory, EFT, DNMS, EMDR, DBT, and Post Induction Therapy. The couple is my client, and all that we do is to benefit the coupleship. This tends to create a safe space for both partners in the relationship to be and feel accepted and loved for who they are.



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Therapy Type:

Couple's / relationship therapy, Individual psychotherapy