Annie DeRuyte, MSW, RSW (Registered Social Worker)


Registered Social Worker in Ontario, Canada


I believe therapy is a space for radical inner discovery and empowerment. It can be a place of exploration of selves and creative compassion. If you are looking for a new way to engage with your system, I would be honoured to be witness to your journey. You may be looking for a therapist with deeper understanding of plurality, dissociative identity, DID/OSDD and inner systems. You may be wanting to deepen your relationships with your self-states/parts/alters/selves. You may have a goal to improve communication between selves, grow your skills in the inner world, or nurture inner empathy. Perhaps you are looking for a therapist who will work directly with your system in a way that respects your autonomy and individuality. Or someone who is safe to share and witness your whole identity without judgment or fear. All the same, you are not alone in wanting to harness your inner power and feel more in control of your life.  Together we can explore your internal worlds, deep emotions, and find peace with the parts of you that are in conflict.

Together we can work to:

  • develop internal system communication
  • nurture inner collaboration and community
  • build your internal resources
  • affirm your rights and experiences of plurality
  • and more!

As a queer and genderqueer person, I deeply value working with members of my LGBTQ+ communities and our allies. I also hold space for those in poly/ENM communities, those with alternative spirituality, fat liberation and sex positive communities, among others.   To book a free 15 minute consultation, click here. For more information please see my websites at Our Landing Place Inc., and Psychology Today.

Treatment Approach

My main approach for working with Systems is Functional Multiplicity, where we work with systems from a plural perspective. The focus is on improving inner relationships to reduce conflict, stressors, and build up a System's inner resources. The goal of functional multiplicity is to establish connection with each other, and improve on symptoms by working with the therapist as a plural/multiple. We can use direct or indirect communication with system members using this approach.

Other treatment approaches:
-Virtual EMDR
-IFS (Internal Family Systems)*
-Emotion Focused Therapy
-Relational Approach

*I understand that IFS has a complicated relationship with the DID/OSDD community, myself included. For many, concepts from this approach are not suitable System-wide, or are applied to Systems without the unique context and knowledge on the community. We also acknowledge how the Plural community's language has been co-opted in the teaching of this model and applied to non-plural communities.

My IFS approach has been adapted to work with systems that honours us as more than a \"single Self\" with a collection of parts. The labels of the IFS model do not speak to the breadth of the plural experience. We understand the uniqueness of systems, and that there is no strict model for viewing ourselves in terms of roles, having burdens, \"exiles\", etc. While some systems can use concepts and exercises from this model with good benefit, it\'s effectiveness won\'t be generalized across your system.


Private pay with receipt for reimbursement with insurance

Therapy Type:

Individual psychotherapy, Individual psychotherapy



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